Space for Dialog
H. Scott Clemens
Conflict Specialist
Nonviolent Communication Certification Candidate
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June 3rd - 5th:

CNVC Certified Trainer John Kinyon

Vision, Aim, & Mission

Our vision is a world where conflict is a dynamic and postive force for change, and where change transforms conflict.

Our aim is to create more space for dialog in relationships, interactions, and institutions/organizations so this transformation can occur.

Our mission is to provide concrete, practical tools and services to people and organizations experiencing difficulties with conflict.

What We Offer

  • Mediation for two or more parties already experiencing conflict personally, professionally, or legally.
  • Facilitated communication for organizatons, groups, and individuals who need to communicate in situations they worry might trigger conflict.
  • Conflict Coaching: for those experiencing conflict in some specific ineteraction in their personal or professional life, but are unable to bring the other party to mediation
  • Training and education to improve communication in certain interactions and settings